About being a Steward

The Steward as an Organizer

As everyone who's ever held the job knows, A steward's duties can seem endless, and endlessly varied. Even then, though, a stewards work on behalf of the union can be summed up in a single word: organizer. A union steward needs to be the inside organizer for the workers he or she represents or intends to represent.

Union Stewards are not Mr. and Ms. Fix-it, not the people who fight the battles for everyone else. They help to inspire the members to address problems and get them resolved. They therefore, Must be very good at listening, But also at asking. They need to listen to what is said by the workers, but also what is not said.


  • Educate your Members; Members do not want to be told what to think but they tend to look to the union to provide them with information and Analysis


  • Continuously Negotiate; Stewards need to be prepared to meet with management, generally a supervisor, to talk through problems as they emerge or as they are anticipated to emerge.


  • Talk through issues; Not every issue brought to you by a member will necessarily be a contract violation. Thus, a steward needs to be especially good at listening and thinking through with the worker how best to proceed with resolving problems.


A Union Steward's Ten Biggest Mistakes (click here)

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Congratulations Chris Janssen and Local 709 E-Board on their timely payment of overtime appeal decision!!


Congratulations to Dave Gardner and the Local 720 E-Board on their Sick Leave Abuse Letter arbitration victory!

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