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The membership has worked hard and is continuing to work hard in fulfilling it’s commitment to the men and women who put their lives on the line, everyday.

Your North Central Regional VP has reaches out to all of it's Prison Locals and members to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect where clear communications of issues is afforded to everyone.

The National and Local members of CPL 33 strive to provide an environment that promotes professional development, acknowledges all bargaining members contributions, and supports collaborative efforts in the development of highly Professional Prison Workers.


Our friendly and attentive staff is looking forward to serving you.

Our goal and mission is to provide assistance to all Bargaining members within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The National and Local officers of the Council of Prison Locals 33's sole purpose is providing unity of action in all matters affecting the mutual interest of all members, nationally.

Learn more about what is happening on the following pages. If you require assistance, our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance.


The Council of Prison Locals 33 is the most organized Council within the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Organization representing more than 30,000 bargaining unit employees in the United States, including its US Territory of Puerto Rico.  The Council is made of workers in virtually all levels of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  These employees depend upon the CPL for legal representation, legislative advocacy and technical expertise and information.  Our is divided into six geographical regions consisting of more than 100 Locals across the United States of America.

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North Central Region Team

North Central Regional Vice President


Ken Juhasz

Cell 1-419-944-8002



Regional Vice-President, Ken Juhasz is a third generation union member. His Grandfather and Great Uncles were part of the May 1934 Toledo Auto-Lite Strike that started with only 4 workers walking a picket line and ended with over 6,000 people from the community supporting their demands for bargaining rights. The strike played a major role in the creation of Federal labor laws and the creation of the UAW in 1935. His Father was a union activist for the United Steelworkers and continually reinforced the necessity to take an active role in defending injustice in the workplace.
Ken began his career with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 1998 and was elected to the position of Local Vice-President in 2012. In February of 2013 he assumed the role of Local President and began an aggressive campaign to change the culture of the Local and advocate for the working conditions in Milan, MI. Through his leadership, the local membership grew at an unprecedented rate; more than tripling in enrollment. He negotiated the Local's first Local Supplemental Agreement, represented over 60 bargaining unit employees in disciplinary actions, mitigated 2 Firearms cases, filed over a hundred grievances and Unfair Labor Practices, negotiated numerous Memorandums of Understanding, Chaired the Local Labor Management Relations Team and represented the bargaining unit nationally in several National Policy negotiations, LMR meetings and Joint Policy Committees. Ken successfully negotiated a settlement for $650K in a Timely Payment of Overtime case, filed a $2.5 Mil Overtime Bypass case and an estimated $8 Mil Portal case. Of these accomplishments, he's most proud to have been able to reinstate probationary employees the agency intended to terminate.
He received the "Most Improved Local Award" in 2014 and 2015, The North Central "Leadership Award" in 2015 and 2016, The "Distinguished Leadership Award" in 2016 and the "Basil McDavitt Award" at the National Convention in 2016. 
Ken attended McPherson College, KS, The University of Toledo, OH, The University of South Florida and the OSHAcademy. His focus of studies related to environmental and OSHA standards. He holds several Professional OSHA certifications and will be certified to teach OSHA courses this fall.  In addition, he is an accomplished boat builder and restores classic boats.
His vision is to lead at the national level by providing the tools and knowledge to the bargaining unit through education and training. 

North Central Regional Fair Practices Coordinator

                       Sandy Parr                         

Cell: 507-254-1029


Sandy Parr, is currently, the Regional Fair Practices Coordinator for the North Central Region. She started her career with the Federal Bureau of Prison at FMC Rochester, MN in 1999 as a Correctional Nurse. Sandy, coming from a union strong family, immediately joined the Local Union and has been a strong union advocate locally and nationally from day one.


After joining, Sandy rose to the position of Treasure for Local 3947 at FMC Rochester in 2000. She excelled and progressed thru the ranks of the Local and regionally as the Regional Fair Practices Coordinator. In September 2013 Sandy was elected to the National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices Council of prison locals and held this position until September 2017.


Sandy has attended countless training sessions sponsored by the Union and the Agency. This has made her into a well-versed and knowledgeable advocate in EEO and Arbitration. Mentored by Dwayne Person, Regional Vice President, who had more than 25 years fighting cases in all administrative forms and negotiating, Sandy has become proficient at EEO, arbitration and negotiations from beginning to end.


Sandy has spent a great portion of her career and her livelihood sacrificing on behalf of the membership. She suffered firsthand the horrific act of discrimination and the effects discrimination has on oneself, family and the community. Since that time she has fought firsthand on behalf of employees against the injustice which continues to persist in the Federal Bureau of Prison. Because of this she has learned the tools of her trade to hold Agency management officials accountable locally and nationally.


During her terms as the National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices Sandy accomplished more default judgements than any other CPL officer in the council before her fighting for equality in the work place.  Sandy has been teaching the EEO process in its entirety, including how to deal with the BOP unethical antics in her EEO Summit she had each year since 2013. She successfully trained more advocates to fight discrimination and won many EEO cases for the members. Sandy successfully received multiple sanctions from Administrative Judges against the agency for their continuous violations within the EEO process to prevail for our members. The Agency actions were tolerated for years until Sandy received several sanctions, default judgments and had agency attorneys removed from cases by the Administrative Judges for their actions, who also reported these attorneys to DOJ for investigation/discipline for their unethical behaviors.


Using all the tools available to the union and its members, Sandy has also successfully secured “Stays” for staff facing retaliatory termination from the office of special counsel, flipping the script back onto the BOP and investigating them for misconduct, while keeping the members employment.


Sandy continues to work hard to ensure not only the agency has diversity within but also the union leadership. She vowed to never be silenced and always fight for a safe working place for all, NOBODY should have to go to work and face Harassment or Discrimination, NOBODY!!




Steve Markel

North Central

Legislative Coordinator

(812) 798-1050

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Council Prison Locals 33 North Central Region 

Kenneth Juhasz,

NCR Vice President

(419) 944-8002


Steve Markle

North Central

Legislative Coordinator

(812) 798-1050


Sandy Parr

North Central Regional

Fair Practice Coordinator

(507) 254-1029



Congratulations Chris Janssen and Local 709 E-Board on their timely payment of overtime appeal decision!!


Congratulations to Dave Gardner and the Local 720 E-Board on their Sick Leave Abuse Letter arbitration victory!

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